Monday, May 7, 2007

Superman - super Dad?

Random synapses fired today and pulled up a memory about which I wanted to blog. As I try to discover true manhood and true fatherhood, I tend to harness my strengths: reading and movies. I read an excellent review of "Superman Returns" which prompted me to netflix (can that be a verb?) the movie.

Possible Spoilers! Fair Warning!

There is a scene where a family-like unit (boyfriend, mother, and son) are in mortal peril and Superman comes to the rescue. However, instead of directly saving them all himself, Superman holds on to the boyfriend and allows the boyfriend to carry the mother and son. I think this is a potent image of true fatherhood. I am completely unable to save my family from much grave harm. But if I rely on the Lord, the little I can do is valuable and necessary, for the Lord has chosen me to do it.

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