Monday, May 21, 2007

A Grand Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day prompted some sad reflections on my grandmother's passing. I remembered the greatest gift I ever gave her. I gave her a $50 Home Depot gift card and the promise of a day to do odd jobs around the house for her. My wife and I then visited her and found all the little things she wanted done but which she couldn't do for herself. We went to Home Depot to buy the various supplies, and spent the remainder of the day doing the chores. It was a great gift, even though I received far more than I gave just by seeing the joy in her face as she saw these small things done for her.

Her small pension and Depression Era upbringing always kept her living simply. She went without a doorknob on the basement door for years! However, she gave generously of the great gift of joy. I am thankful to remember her and I pray the Lord keep her joyful in His house.

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