Friday, May 18, 2007

The Founders

I feel I should comment on it, though I don't quite know what to say. For those new to the CCL world, John & Sheila Kippley are only names. As I have learned about them, I am stunned at what they accomplished: a multi-national non-profit organization teaching Natural Family Planning against tremendous and astounding hostility doled out by loud, established, and wealthy enemies.

They are like an anti-Margaret Sanger. The Kippleys have been happily married for many decades and quietly and constantly spoke the truth about sex and marriage. Whereas Margaret Sanger was a divorcee who slept around and loudly spoke the lies that everyone wanted to hear about sex, abortion, and contraception.

The Kippleys have parted ways with CCL and started their own blog. I believe the disagreement was between two good choices in how CCL should move ahead but I firmly back the choices of the Executive Board. It seems that all non-profits have trouble with the "retirement" of the founders and I think this article explains it well.

May God have mercy on all our failings: mine, the Kippleys, and Margaret Sanger's.

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soph said...

Ms. Kippley's article on Ecological breastfeeding that you linked to was possibly the most bizarre and disturbing article I've read in a while. Have way too much to say about it for a comment space, hmmm.