Friday, May 18, 2007

NFP freeware, I think

I haven't followed all of the links, but this is the best page by a CCL chapter ever. Period. Never gonna beat it.

Oh, I think they have charting freeware available somewhere. It's just so darn funny, that I don't care.


Paul said...

The best part is, I know that family. They are from Rome, NY. My Dad used to work with Jim Van Damme at Griffis AFB. How cool.

JimmyV said...

I hadn't thought about that possibility, even though I would have no idea where Oneida is without having known you.

Jim said...

Yo, it's Jim Van Damme. I haven't put it on our website yet (or checked it out for that matter) but is a place where you can track your cycle on-line for free. Fertility Friend is another, listed on our Resources page. There's no reliable freeware for PC's but NFP for Palm is good if you have one of those.

Your dad still works with me, BTW.
Well, if you can call that working.
Check out for Van Damme news.