Tuesday, April 29, 2008

7 Weeks on Reliv

Health: Well, I've had a massive sinus congestion for the past week as part of a cold. I've doubled my intake of Innergize and Classic. I definitely feel better after taking them, but I rarely get colds that last this long. I guess this could be a detoxification effect since I was hoping for sinus improvement anyway. I will have to wait and see. I've got another rash on my forehead, but my dry skin has returned so I feel like I am actually losing ground.

Business: I lost my first customer. Definitely a deflating experience. I have tried to come at this whole business venture with the attitude of failure is good, as long as it is educational. I am still learning how to focus through the failure and not let it deflate me. I am continually exceeding my goal of talking to someone new about Reliv every week, this gives me hope that I will eventually find more customers.

My biggest intellectual concern is the self-selection bias of the distributors. I am afraid the product only appears to work because the people who have no noticeable improvement, simply don't sell it or take it. Whereas, those people who happen to improve while taking it, incorrectly attribute their improvement to the shake. Of course, I can't prove either hypothesis but it weighs on my mind.

Monday, April 28, 2008


This might be the pinnacle of news reporting. An outspoken old guy who runs his own business, lives in Philly, and is pro-life. And I get a cheesesteak to go!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Fruitless News

The on-line news world is great. Like this article which roughly encapsulates the general mindset among Catholics who think the Church should be made into their image. The comments are also fun, mostly from bitter, gun-toting, religious anti-immigrant people, no doubt. I will have to comment soon, so scroll down all the way to the bottom and see if I did it yet.

I must say, I particularly love the irony of a woman claiming that the Church isn't "with it" or current, and then only citing data from 40 years ago.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ratified Christian Truth

A man can not serve two masters, for he will love one and hate the other.

My new business experiment has completely proven this Christian teaching and I am not alone. Even though there is massive awkwardness in my direct selling, home-based business, I would much rather do it than my high-paying corporate job. The more I perform my usual duties, the more cog-like I feel. I pray the Lord will give me the strength to keep going, and bless my efforts at self-employment a thousandfold. (though, a millionfold would be nice!)

Friday, April 18, 2008


Direct sales has raised my level of attentiveness to the lives of others. I have been engaging in more conversations with those people who are usually invisible: clerks, cashiers, fellow parents wrangling their children at rummage sales. Meeting people, even in brief conversation, is a very pleasant experience even when it isn't. The bad experiences give me much to pray about and the feeling that I may have brightened their day a little through some social contact. The good experiences remind me that we are all stuck together on this crazy, spinning mudball called Earth so we might as well enjoy each other.

To paraphrase G.K. Chesterton, people are more real than you can imagine.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

5 weeks on Reliv

So I've been on this health/business adventure for 5 weeks. Here's where I stand:

Health. After a bizarre rash and pimples on my forehead, this detox ended and my head returned to normal. No reversal in my receding hairline. I have been sleeping better; I am more refreshed after the same amount of sleep. I feel like I sleep 7.5 hours when I only sleep 6 hours. 7.5 hours is my ideal for an average night of sleep, so I'm functioning more ideally. I had strange pimples on my knees which quickly went away. My boil/ingrown hair has stopped improving though it improved steadily up until now. My skin is smoother and the clogged pores on my triceps have become smooth, as if I exfoliated every day (I didn't, loofahs are for girls).

Business. No new customers but I am slowly sharing my business with people I encounter. I attended a special event and met many Pennsylvanian distributors. They were genuine people, not polished salesman. They were friendly and respectful of differences (no dirty looks when I mentioned NFP). God was mentioned liberally and mutual support was abundant.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Money from Somewhere

The most ludicrous claim made by Robert Kiyosaki is that, somehow, money will appear when you need it. He recounted his experience, after his first start-up went bankrupt, of being nearly destitute. It seemed to him that money would show up when it was needed. For the first time, I have found that to be true. I have set aside my investment money and I am striving mightily not to touch it for personal use. This month, family funds are low but, so far, money has appeared exactly as I need it. Not so much that I could be profligate, just enough to keep on as we are. Kiyosaki repeatedly stressed the value of generosity and his board game seemed to indicate that he knew generosity related to the appearance of money when needed. Personally, I consider it a paycheck from the Big Boss.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

An Important Request

Thanks to Peter at With a Grain of Salt, I read this post on how wives can help husbands with difficulties in abstinence. The comments go all over the place, but cover almost every issue related to the practice of NFP. It is an interesting exchange so I thought I would bring it to light. Hopefully, I can develop a post on the topic soon, using my comment as a starting point.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Back to Basics

As my dear reader may have noticed, my blog has diverged into some tangents which may not have anything to do with the quest to live a natural life. However much progress was made in the quest to discover true manhood this past Sunday. As always, the basics lead the way. The basics being, of course, Church and video games.

Sunday started with video games, since I splurged on Saturday and purchased the Windows XP versions of all the King's Quests and all the Police Quests for a total of $25. I began with KQI and showed my daughters how a true knight should handle himself, obedient to the crown and picking up every stray object in sight. That adventure was followed by Mass, with two exceptionally obedient daughters, one who won the praise of departing parishioners for her ability to genuflect and her charity in depositing her Rice Bowl money into the poor box.

Upon returning home, my brother invited me over to try my hand at Guitar Hero III and I was rather hooked. We played for a couple hours, though I never made it past the Easy songs, and discussed life, the universe, and everything. As a break from the carpal tunnel inducing guitar, we broke out Super Mario 3 for the NES and went to town. I was able to impress my brother by remembering obscure tricks like the White Coin Ship and the alternate text when beating a Koopaling in a Frog, Tanooki, or Hammer Brother Suit. I think the time spent in a house where four guys live was good for my soul, I rarely spend that much time around Y chromosomes. It also served as good preparation for my Knights of Columbus meeting that evening, where I received my second degree. It was an honor, and an excellent close to the day.

I believe that manhood was restored in my spirit through quests (even digital ones), prayer (Mass), fraternity (the best brother in the world, I mean it), and knowledge (sharing arcane game info to those who can appreciate it). May I learn more by traveling these familiar roads.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Religion is Like Direct Selling

I have read the comment a few times, while choosing a business, that direct selling is like a religious movement. Since religion is primarily shared through personal contact, many people note the similarities in method: sharing personal stories, a deep conviction that what is being shared is very important, and a hope of camaraderie. I have discovered recently that I prefer direct selling over the other option, mass marketing. I would rather that someone who I know approach me and offer me something which they have found useful as opposed to air-brushed models, high-tech stuntmen, and rich celebrities getting paid to talk for 3o seconds about something that they probably never heard of before their agent presented them with a deal.

I know it's a stretch but it seems that the principle of subsidiarity as John Paul II espoused, would prefer direct selling. Direct selling definitely occurs at a lower level of society than mass marketing. Just the thoughts of a man trying to live a natural life.

3 Weeks

I have been in the supplement business, and on the product, for over 3 weeks now. Business has been plugging along more easily than expected, due to the significant help from my sponsor and those supporting her. I have even had excellent support from distributors who have no financial ties to me whatsoever. I am very impressed at the caliber of people involved in this business since they would take the time to help me build up my clientele even though there is no financial gain for them. I consider that a sign of the commitment to ethics which Reliv has.

I have also noticed some improvements in my health, such as higher energy and better sleep, especially if I add an extra shake before I go to bed. I am a bit more anxious, but I think this crazy venture is causing that, since I was definitely anxious about this venture before I even drank a shake.

Even though business has been easier than expected, my first customers still seemed easy to get in comparison to my recent experiences. I keep looking for signs that I am supposed to be in this business, as opposed to volunteering for a crisis pregnancy center or something. With that in mind, I watched the promotional video which Reliv has, by clicking Play at the top of their website, and at the very end is a shot of Dr. Kalogris shaking hands with John Paul II while the Kalogris Foundation is feeding needy children. I consider that a small sign that I am somewhere on the right path.