Monday, May 21, 2007

Calling all budding writers

I have recently become an editor for LifeCycles, the PNFPN newsletter. We publish four times a year and we are always looking for articles. We discuss all aspects and methods of NFP with a preference for the Philadelphia area. We also cover NFP events and do occasional book reviews. Let me know if you write anything (or find anything) you'd like us to consider for publication.


Leticia said...

I have an article on how I converted to NFP coming up in American Life Leauge's "Celebrate Life" magazine. Would your magazine take a previously published article?

JimmyV said...


We often publish articles that were preciously published. To be honest, I don't think magazine is a good descriptor. Its only 4-8 pages long and its black and white. Circulation isn't too bad, about 550 people.