Monday, June 4, 2007

Cosleeping is Fatherhood

I just visited the dilbert site per my usual morning routine and was greeted with an Ad Council advertisement for the National Fatherhood Initiative. The remarkable part to me was that the ad showed a man sleeping on the couch with his daughter asleep on his chest. While I consider this a special dad ability, I'm surprised that a large non-profit agrees with me.

Since I have always been the one to get up with the girls on the weekends, even if they wake up too early, I have had the chance to pull this routine with both girls. I personally consider it a bit dangerous to actually fall asleep on the couch when they are sleeping on me, so I stay awake by putting in a DVD and then lying down. I just recently had Amelia take her first nap like this while I watched The Sixth Sense and I still remember Maria sleeping while I watched The Incredibles. They are moments that I cherish.

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