Friday, June 29, 2007

All men were pigs before vulcanized rubber

Via Dawn Eden, come this story which I had the misfortune to experience first hand while on vacation. A commercial synopsis: beautiful woman sits in bar surrounded by pigs, one pig goes to the restroom and purchases a condom, pig returns as handsome man, woman (with sultry look) leaves with man.

As a man this commercial offends me in a dozen ways, as a father about a dozen more. Listing only complaints which I thought of during the commercial:
1. Were all men pigs before condoms were mass produced?
2. I don't have a condom in my pocket now, so I am a pig.
3. Shouldn't the couple at least learn each others' names before leaving together? Perhaps say "Hi?"
4. Isn't a condom just a display of distrust? It seems to say, "I'll protect you by not letting you know how many other tramps I slept with."
5. Can beautiful women be easily seduced by purchasing a condom? I had a pack of college buddies who disproved this theory; but then again, they never showed the woman the condoms in their wallets.

I'm amazed that some channels didn't carry it simply because it is in poor taste. The MSM doesn't usually show that much common sense.

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