Monday, June 4, 2007

Dressing Blind

Useful co-sleeping tip #4: Get dressed in the dark.

Although I have been accused of dressing myself while color blind for many years, I realize now that dressing while in the dark is a valuable cosleeping skill. I now dress almost entirely in the dark, except for turning on my closet light to pick a matching shirt, tie, and pants. When I do turn on the closet light, I position the door to cut off direct light towards my sleeping wife and daughters. Amelia is particularly vulnerable to this morning light and a few times she awoke and fussed when I left the door open and the light on too long.

I also carry my tie and shoes out of the room to put on while eating breakfast. I may have to stop this since I think Maria believes it is okay to touch your food and your feet intermittently. I guess that could lead to 'toest and jam.'

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