Thursday, June 14, 2007

Two's a Pattern

Useful co-sleeping tip #5 - Expect to have small 7-month-old feet knead your kidneys.

Now that it has happened with both children, I call it a pattern. Around the seven month mark, the girls both get extra squirmy for Mom but stay mostly still for me. During this phase, I focus on learning how to calm them down and get them to sleep (walking, singing, the Rosary, etc...). I usually have to do this during the night at least once. When I get back in bed, I often keep holding them so Mom can get some more sleep and the girls don't get disturbed in the transition from warm arms to cold co-sleeper. Usually the girls stay asleep until the next feeding time when they crawl to Mom. I keep them between us so they have easy access to Mom, for there are some things a Dad simply can't do.

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