Thursday, June 28, 2007

Babies not allowed to be babies

All in all, Boston was a very friendly place with helpful and polite citizenry, even the crazy ones were nice. This was our only experience of discrimination for an entire week of travel with the little ones.

We were at the Old North Church, where the signal lanterns were hung for Paul Revere to see, and a young lady was giving a presentation on the church from the pulpit. We walked in and milled about the aisles looking at the various art and architecture. When Jen paused to search for her camera, Amelia cried for a minute. At the end of the presentation, the young lady said, "Sorry for the crying baby, that's always nice." I wanted to clean her clock. She made the comment despite the fact that I heard the entire presentation clearly over the PA and Jen left the room with Amelia immediately after locating the camera. I suppose the huge fan which was cooling the room was not generating sufficient noise to drown out Amelia.

I know my children can be whiny now, but at least they will have stopped before becoming young ladies.


Chris Lewis said...

Nicely done. When you have kids being Ferberized, everyone thinks that all babies should be perfect at all least your kids know you care about them...

Leticia said...

This entire culture is becoming anti-child, I was ushered out of a Catholic Church, and downstairs to the basement before my little one even opened her mouth.

JimmyV said...


As I tote my kids around more, I realize how rare children are in many public settings. It is so sad.


What a story! Towns like that remind me that the meek do indeed inherit the earth, since they have more children.