Saturday, May 23, 2009

"Is this your first?"

We've been getting that question a lot lately since we've been privileged to attend a few social events without the kids. The reactions to our answer exactly characterize the difficulties that the pro-life movement faces. Everyone has been bright and smiley while asking the question, but as soon as we say, "No we have two at home," their faces drop faster than the market after a stimulus package. We've even been treated to marital disputes, "I want another but my husband says no way." I'm expecting someone from the Voluntary Extinction Movement to club me over the head next time.

I'm starting to grasp the snarky responses that big families have built up over the years. Perhaps I am not ready to be a good witness to the Gospel of Life, but so far I have refrained from saying, "No. Now where did I leave those other kids?" so maybe there is hope for me yet.


Anonymous said...

Jim, I run with a very liberal, pro-choice, pro-bc, pro-child-free, crowd, and at least in my experience we've never said something to anyone who chooses to have a large family. Maybe my experience is different because I want three myself, but I haven't seen the same judgment that you do. Granted also, in your situation I would be the judge, rather than the one being judged, so perhaps I don't have the same perspective. Either way, I am sorry that you feel that you are being judged!

JimmyV said...

Thanks for your concern, Anon, but the deserving recipient of your sorrow is a society where children are regarded as obstacles to a full life which can be chosen to be prevented or eliminated.