Monday, May 25, 2009

The Blogger Who Wasn't There

This story demonstrates yet another reason why I distrust the traditional media. However I completely trust blogs. I take that back, I trust blogs as much as I trust people. I try to assess their character and I take to heart exactly as much as I assess to be true. However, the 24 hours news cycle and the need for sensationalism to draw crowds and sell advertising have corrupted much of the free press, not to mention the regurgitation of AP stories making the news totally homogeneous and uninformative. I'm hoping that the success of smaller local papers, like The Bulletin, will lead the future. I think it might, if the government doesn't "bail out" newspapers. Hmmm.... the government spending scads of money and getting control over some portion of the press. I wonder if there would be an uproar if a Republican President tried to pull that off?

Nah, I must be a right-wing conspiracy theorist. If I exist at all! Wuuuaahhhhaaaahhaaaa!

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