Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"One and Done" or "Two and Through"

It has been a long time since I encountered the common prejudice against children. The statements above floored me when my wife recounted them to me. We had our yearly eye exam, the first since our recent stork delivery, and the doctor asked if we were, "Two and through?" My wife kindly responded that we hoped to have more children in the future and the doctor revealed that he and his wife were, "One and done." I was disgusted to hear this attitude, all the more so since I really like our eye doctor and respect his professional opinion. But furthermore, I was reminded about my paternal grandparents who were brave enough to have six children. If they had thought like this doctor, I would not even be here since my dad was number six.

I can't help but get indignant at the thought that my uncles, aunt, and father were a burden as children since they were numbers three, four, five, and six. I have seen the joy they have brought to the world. Heck, I'm part of the joy my dad brought into the world. And the world is a brighter place because of them.


sunnyday said...

I see what you mean and am heartened about your take on this matter. Parenthood does entail much self-giving and this is expectedly what some "one and done" people find hard about being open to more lives being consequences of their marriage.

I myself am the youngest of 8, my mother belongs to a brood of 11, my father, 5. My cousins belong to families of 9, 8...the list goes on. I'm happy that in my family, children are not regarded and treated as a burden. I hope there will continue to be more like you and your wife around the world!

Have a good day =)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the encouragement. Although my dad is the sixth of six and supportive, some of my family doesn't seem to get it. I spend a lot of time trying to explain myself when I'd much rather be talking about their kids and their lives. I hope that my children may be as blessed with children as your family has been.

God bless,