Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Feast Day ....Mom!

So, today is the Feast of St. Joseph patron of many good things and this little corner of the Internet. Consequently, it is the feast of my mother and my aunt (Josephine), both of whom I love tremendously. May there be many more feast days in their futures!

Despite the dedication to such great women, I want to post on the manhood of Saint Joseph and how he is a model to follow. I am currently reading Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters a book which I will review on this blog in the future. However, the most salient point I have learned so far is that fathers should be doers. This point is also reinforced by The King’s Men, a group dedicated to re-discovered authentic manhood. They are a group I esteem highly and who I will also post on in the future.

St. Joseph is the perfect biblical example of this since he has no recorded speaking in the entirety of Sacred Scripture. He merely goes about the business of doing God’s will. When God tells him not to divorce Mary, he takes her into his home. When an Angel appears and says to flee to Egypt, he prepares the donkey.

I am thankful for his example, not only because it consecrates my inability to sit still for long, but because it reminds me that the great gift of life is epitomized in service to others.

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