Saturday, March 17, 2007


I haven't really followed the hullabaloo over Sean Hannity's statement that he sees nothing wrong with contraception. I didn't even know that he was a Catholic until this happened. I am saddened that a known figure squandered a wonderful opportunity to talk about Natural Family Planning to a national audience.

However, I am happy to read Father Thomas Euteneuer's statement, "The battle is not at all between so-called liberals and conservatives. The poster boy for conservative values has just gone on record admitting that he is—obstinately—in denial of a truth of the Faith that must be believed, as the Catechism says, "with divine and catholic faith" (n. 2089). "Liberal" and "conservative" values must all be held up to scrutiny by the Church because no political ideology has the charism of infallibility. Only Christ's Vicar has that. Rather, the internecine battle within our own Church is between those who believe in objective right and wrong and those who believe that they, individually, are the arbiters of right and wrong."

I always need the reminder not to trust earthly princes, but to trust the Lord.

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