Sunday, March 1, 2009

I think I'd rather have "Love Shack"

Your 80s Song is "Sweet Child O' Mine"

If you were transported back to the 80s, your life would be all about rock and roll.

You love the free wheeling, wild atmosphere of the 80s - even if there were consequences later on.

You think of the 80s as a time of partying hard and letting loose.

Even if you find a lot of the 80s nostalgia to be a bit lame, you truly believe there was no better decade.

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Jen said...

HA! This isn't that far off, as you did almost audition for a band... :) And one of your greatest moments was singing in front of that large crowd of people...3,000something, right?

Perhaps we should acquire Rock Band for the Wii? :)