Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dawn Appears in Philly

The chastity conference by the PNFPN was excellent once I found the parish. I think it would be great if churches had some type of large tower which was visible above the adjacent roofs. Maybe some type of universal symbol could be placed on top to distinguish it even further. That was my only gripe, and I am glad to get it out of the way.

Generation Life provided some great speakers, including a good friend. The King's Men had Mark Houck give a talk on male chastity which was spectacular. Of course, Dawn Eden stole the show. It is amazing that she can speak so engagingly when I have read her book and lurked on her blog for years. The woman sitting next to me actually leaned over at the end of Dawn's first talk and asked if I knew Dawn personally. That was quite a compliment. Dawn was charming and autographed my copy of "Thrill of the Chaste." She now joins my autograph collection: Dr. Greg Popcak, Ellen Hrkach, Donald Trump, Josephine Taylor, Weird Al, Trout Fishing in America, and Blackthorn.

It was a great day of networking too. It is always invigorating to have some pleasant conversation with people who get it. I even received compliments which confused me: "You're so young to be involved in this." If I'm not doing it, then who will?

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Wishing you much love, peace, and happiness!