Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Reason to Love CCL

Family Foundations recently had a great article about home-based businesses, reinforcing my opinion that these businesses are beneficial to families and can be run in a Christian manner. I have been coming to this opinion over the course of the last year since I interact, as a business owner, with primarily stay-at-home moms (SAHM) and pastor's wives who also do this business. This explains why there are tons of cosmetics, jewelry, and make-up businesses yet none for power tools or video games. The article profiles a few women who run their business while taking care of their little ones. They remind me of farmer's wives who have to run the homestead so that their husbands can be successful, except in this disjointed age the businesses are separate instead of unified. I'm thrilled that CCL took the time to offer support to these wonderful women who are working to support their families while being true to their vocation as mothers.

I pray that I may reverse this disjoining trend and return to the homestead to work my business and be with my family.

P.S.- The article was in the November/December 2008 issue, I believe, but you will need to join CCL to read the whole thing.


Nfpworks said...

I really enjoy reading my Family Foundations magazine. While I don't practice CCL as a method, I like the variety of articles they have. They're getting better and better, and their new associate editor, Christina Cappechi (though newly married prob has a different name), is a gem.

JimmyV said...

I admit to loving the old black and white Family Foundations, but I am also invigorated by the new magazine. I hope this upward trajectory can be maintained for a long time.