Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trash to Treasure

As part of being a good steward of my resources which is my main goal in living a natural family life, I have been searching for ways to save money on recurring expenses besides dropping the quality of my food. It seems to me that eliminating waste is part of the job of a good steward. For example, the replacing of cable with Netflix resulted in a net savings of approximately $40 per month. My next mission success in eliminating waste was in waste elimination (I'm so nerdy).

I have switched from Allied Waste Services to G&C Waste Services for a savings of approximately $10 per month. We will see if my quality of service stays the same but I have been eager to ditch AWS since the "Fuel Recovery Fee" was instituted. If AWS was a good steward they would manage their own costs instead of forcing the burden on to me.

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