Sunday, February 1, 2009

False Idols and Network Marketing

I feel that I've blogged on this before and it seems like quite the stumbling block to people who are otherwise interested in home-based business that I must comment on it.

Basically, the faith spreads like network marketing. Even though there have been some recent, excellent advertising campaigns about the Church and the faith. They are basically a rearguard effort where people who have fallen away return to the Church, which is glorious, but they don't seem to win new converts. The converts that I know either sell themselves into the Church by reading or they meet exceedingly kind and knowledgeable Catholics who listen and answer questions.

It is my sincere hope that network marketing will teach me how to listen to people and answer their questions so that I can transfer that skill to my faith life. Of course, I hope that it can do this without becoming a false idol or I will have to jettison it faster than a lifeboat on the Titanic. I have read accounts of people and even met some who acted as though their business was their God. I firmly believe that this is such a turn-off that these businesses will fail and businesses which know their proper place behind God and family will quietly grow and outlast the misguided ones. That is how good triumphs, a firm foundation and steady growth.

May the Church and my business be so blessed.

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