Saturday, February 14, 2009

Freedom of Irony

Obviously, I'm strongly opinionated about a lot of things which is why this blog has gone rapidly astray from my original intent. However, this story is so ironic that I laughed out loud even as I checked to see if my civil liberties were intact. It's refreshing to see the AFA continue to push back, even though it would be easy to crawl into a hole after the countless attacks that they have endured. And I feel sympathy for the TV station, since it should be able to choose to air or not air whatever it wants.

If only people were more tolerant or something.


BamaHippie said...

As a Christian who recognizes that I'm in a religious majority in America, I always find it amazing how many Christians find the time and inclination to gripe about how little influence they have over all types of things, as this program does. The Christian agenda has more popular support today in the public sphere than it has in years. Poor us.

JimmyV said...

BamaHippie, your response is intriguing and a good reminder of the many blessings we have in America that are lacking in say Europe or Canada or China. However, I do not understand this point of view.

Call Christians a "religious majority" is unhelpful. A category that includes Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Rick Warren, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul provides no meaningful majority or agenda.

Perhaps you could define your Christian agenda?