Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Calling Dr. Frankenstein

Two interesting articles, one referencing the Austrian creator of the pill and other which is his response. Although Mr. Djerassi has complaints about associating the population problem with the pill, he seems to have no complaints with his final quote in the first article. This quote is, "...natural methods of regulating fertility are the ones that are effective and that respect the nature of the person..." He also makes no retraction of his statement that the pill is a horrendously damaging environmental pollutant. It seems to me that many scientists now live to see their inventions abused and to see the damage that immoral technology can wreak. I have a much better appreciation of Frankenstein's Monster, now.

Incidentally, the comments on the first article are great, and the comments on the second article verge on the incomprehensible.

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