Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am a Free Press

Since the major media outlets have not picked up on the protests surrounding tomorrow's tax deadline, I will report them here.

The TEA parties are actual grassroots protesters who detest the wasteful government spending in recent memory. Like me, they are frustrated with the massive bailout that was hurriedly passed by this Democratic House and President. Like me, they are also frustrated with the gigantic bailout passed by the previous presidential administration which opened the floodgates to the socialization of the banking system. In short, we know that we can spend our money better than the government. For example, I am trying to start my own business and potentially invest in real estate, while keeping my 401k growing. Any money the government gives me, goes to these ends. Instead, the government doesn't even trust me with an $800 stimulus all in one shot so they disburse it throughout the year.

So much for middle class support that was repeatedly promised in the campaign.

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