Monday, January 19, 2009

Natural, Naturally

I've been thinking that I should actually define some of my terms, namely, "natural," "family," and, "life." It seems that many of the arguments held in the public square often ignore this first step and consequently, no one learns anything. This is the power of the media when they define something a "right" or a "choice" but refuse to explain the term. So here is my dictionary:

Natural - I'm not a trained philosopher, but I believe I use this term in the correct philosophical sense of the nature of an object. This is amazingly similar to the Object Oriented software use of the term object. That is to say, an object has certain attributes and should behave in a certain way.

Family - By this term, I refer to the usual nuclear family of husband, wife, and children who came from their union. As John Paul II has stated, the family is the building block of society so I believe that all learning and decisions should revolve around this nucleus.

Life - By this word, I am trying to indicate an integration of everything. My intellect, my will, my emotions, my conscience, my enjoyment of video game, my love of books should all result in a more rounded person. If something is out of proportion, the whole edifice can collapse. In short, an integration of myself with the universe and, ultimately, God. You could call it small "c" catholicism.

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