Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Better Friends through NFP

I had the great fortune recently to join up with the Knights of Columbus and meet many men who are trying to live out the faith. It is always a blessing to start new friendships and grow closer to those who help us on our narrow road.

It is especially a blessing to discover real Catholics who try to adhere to all of the Lord's teachings, like NFP. Not only is it great to have conversations about mucus, or about the spiritual benefits of love-making beyond the fertile years, but there is a palpable sense of understanding and mutual connection that is deeper than the words exchanged. An intimacy that could only be wrought of materials far beyond my comprehension.

NFP - Health, Love, and Friendship.


matthew archbold said...

I completely agree. But one sentence in there just seemed funny to me.
"Not only is it great to have conversations about mucus..." That just sounds funny. But the funny thing is that I know exactly what you mean.

JimmyV said...

I'm glad that it's not just my group of crazy Catholic friends who know what tha means.

Charlotte said...

Where is NFP a "Lord's teaching"?

JimmyV said...

Welcome Charlotte. As a fellow Catholic, I'm sure you are aware of the Papal succession from Peter to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. The Pope speaks in the place of our Lord when he teaches the truth in conformity with sacred tradition and the bishops; this is the ordinary Magesterium.

When Pope Paul VI released Humanae Vitae, he re-iterated the Lord's teaching against contraception. I may be confused, but I believe the same document stated that recourse to the natural infertile times of a wife's cycle was permissible for a short time, or indefinitely, if serious reasons were present. As the Pope is the Vicar of Christ, I attribute his teaching to our Lord.