Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Searching for Sasha

I have not entered the Mall in a long time, consequently, I had mostly enjoyable shopping experiences this Advent. The greatest shopping experience was definitely related to the true meaning of Christmas. As we were finishing dinner in the Food Court, I noticed a dad walking, carrying one kiddie, with two trailing along behind. As we left the Food Court, I saw the dad frantically run up to a clerk and ask, "Do you know where my keys are?" I saw myself doing the same thing, but as we started to move along the concourse, I was stopped by the man's frantic running up and down the entrance to the Food Court, that's when I realized that he had lost something far more precious than his keys. Of course, he was also constantly repeating his daughter's name, Sasha.

By the grace of God I had seen them together so I had some idea of what Sasha looked like. Since he had canvassed the area around the court thoroughly, I went to look where he hadn't. Upon entering the nearby stores, I found a little girl touching everything that she could. I asked Jen to watch over her and I flagged down the frantic dad. Guiding him to the store, he picked up Sasha immediately and then called for his son, who emerged from behind another rack of touchable items. He started reprimanding them both in a foreign language, perhaps German.

And there is the lesson of the Incarnation, the mystery of our place as Children of God. God so loves us that He will keep searching for us, as He would search for His only begotten Son. (And once He has us, He will teach us the error of our ways)

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