Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I love Grandparents

Although I often fear that my kids' grandparents will spoil them rotten, a feeling directly attached to the mound of Christmas generosity which is still under our tree, I have been very thankful for their help of late and I wanted the world to know.

Over Christmas vacation, Pappy rose early in the morning as was his usual routine and he would watch my eldest daughter so that I could happily return to my long winter's nap. I bet I netted six extra hours of sleep while Maria got her fill of the Disney Channel with Pappy.

Recently, we have set up recurring, in-home babysitting with Mom-mom. She stops by twice a month to watch the girls while I either futz around the house or attend my Knights of Columbus meeting. On her last visit, I completely finished my daily to-do list and accomplished a few bonus activities from the seasonal to-do list. It was sweet!

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