Friday, January 25, 2008

"First" March for Life

This wasn't actually my first March for Life, it was actually number 4 for me, however, it was a march full off first time experiences.

It was the first time I stayed with the group I came. At my first march, I ditched my high school to march with my girlfriend. At my second and third marches, I ditched my parish to march with a friend's pro-life committee from a different parish. I tried to ditch my parish this time to attend the Blogs For Life event, but it didn't work. I was pleasantly rewarded by getting to know the wonderful pro-life committee at my parish.

It was the first time that I heard a presidential candidate speak. Alright, I know it was only Ron Paul but he was impressive.

It was the first time that I took pictures. I will post some soon.

It was the first time that I saw a complete rainbow, and felt hope that the end of the massacre is near.

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