Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Do Re Meme

I have been tagged at With a Grain of Salt and I couldn't be happier. I've been given a chance to talk about my favorite subject, me, in my favorite manner, quirky and silly. I know, I know, I have to work on the humility but I'm still giddy over the compliment that I have, "...a unique brand of humor." So here they are, eight silly things about me:

1. After five years of deep contemplation, I have just recently decided that my favorite movie is Clueless. With The Princess Bride as a close second. I swear. I'm decided. Entirely. Even though The Incredibles and The Sixth Sense were also close. Clueless, for sure.

2. I memorized all the words to "His Cheeseburger" by Mr. Lunt of VeggieTales fame in order to serenade my girlfriend. She became my wife.

3. I compulsively reset digital clocks after a power outage or daylight savings time. Even when the power has blinked off twice in five minutes. I have to reset those clocks. I also reset the clocks at work. What if someone needs to know the time and looks at the microwave and only sees a zero?

4. It is only with great difficulty that I can fall asleep without brushing my teeth. Even when I'm all snuggled up in bed and starting to doze off, as soon as I realize I haven't brushed my teeth, I feel uncomfortable. Try to guess the profession of my mother.

5. My best Scrabble Bingo (for non-players, that is when you use all seven tiles from your rack and get a 50 point bonus) was the word "NINETEEN" from a rack of EEINNNT on a triple word score. I also accomplished my lifetime dream of getting a fist turn Bingo. I think the word was "WARBLED" but sadly I don't remember.

6. My favorite mental word game is semordnilap. That is, words that spell a different word when reversed. My favorite is "deliver" and "reviled" but my proudest moment was shocking my dad at about age 10 with "wolf" and "flow." This is a great way to rack up extra points in Boggle.

7. One of my remaining lifelong dreams is to do Catholic Stand-Up comedy that is faithful to the Magesterium. I'm slowly building up a repertoire through this blog and in my journal so don't go stealing my ideas. I have a lot of work to do just to catch up to Jeff Miller.

8. In the winter, when I am inside for a while, my ears get really hot and my hands get really cold. I often balance this out by posing like a "Hear No Evil" monkey.

I tag everyone from my "Friend's Pages" sidebar, but I don't really expect any of them to do it. But they are still my friends.


Peter said...

Since I memed you I won't be taking that tag :p but I loved your random facts!

The trouble wit standup comedy is that it relies heavily on people identifying with your perspective. I find that coming from an evangelical, via Lutheran to Catholic perspective I am able to understand a lot of different perspectives, but they often don't 'get' what I think is funny.

Looking forward to hearing your standup!

JimmyV said...

I always figured that my audience would be limited to conferences by loyal groups like CCL, Catholic Answers (in my wildest dreams), and the like. I don't think I could ever sustain a family on the income but it might be a fun "retirement" job.