Sunday, July 13, 2008

Father as Teacher

As I spent more time contemplating my direct selling dream of working from home, I realized that it meshed with my goal of being a great father.

I believe that a father should be a teacher, passing on many things: the Faith, family traditions, the history of video games, what-life-was-like-when-I-was-a-kid, and such. The task of teaching requires the dad's presence, for teaching by example is the best way. As I stated in my previous post on fatherhood, since I wanted my children to be helpful around the house; I took on chores such as the dishes and the laundry.

As I contemplated how we have arrived at this state in our society, I realized that working outside of the farm/home was a result of the industrial revolution. It seems, to me, that prominent paternal presence for the children was a casualty of the rise of the factory, along with handcrafted goods and quality food.

Makes me wish I knew how to run a farm.


Anonymous said...

I consider myself very blessed to at least be able to work two days at home. It seems that there may be a trend for increased telecommuting giving more and more fathers the opportunity to once again take on this more pronounce role as teacher to their children. May you too soon be so blessed to do the same!

JimmyV said...

Fastest comment ever! Thanks Raulito.