Monday, July 7, 2008

Eggs on Film

No doubt many of you were eagerly waiting the moment when ovulation would be caught on film, wait no longer.

I am stunned by the resolution of this picture, considering that the ovum is one cell. I had no idea that there were any cameras capable of capturing such an image. I hope such technology can be applied toward noble ends.


Soutenus said...

This is truly fascinating! My 8 year old son just asked me (no more than 2 days ago) if there were "any pictures of an egg inside a Mommy."

I would like to share this at my blog. I will link back to you!

Let me know if that is not OK with you.
Thanks again for a wonderful find.
I, too, hope such technology will be applied toward noble ends.

JimmyV said...

Link away, dear reader.