Thursday, April 3, 2008

Religion is Like Direct Selling

I have read the comment a few times, while choosing a business, that direct selling is like a religious movement. Since religion is primarily shared through personal contact, many people note the similarities in method: sharing personal stories, a deep conviction that what is being shared is very important, and a hope of camaraderie. I have discovered recently that I prefer direct selling over the other option, mass marketing. I would rather that someone who I know approach me and offer me something which they have found useful as opposed to air-brushed models, high-tech stuntmen, and rich celebrities getting paid to talk for 3o seconds about something that they probably never heard of before their agent presented them with a deal.

I know it's a stretch but it seems that the principle of subsidiarity as John Paul II espoused, would prefer direct selling. Direct selling definitely occurs at a lower level of society than mass marketing. Just the thoughts of a man trying to live a natural life.


funfelt said...

Hello - I just discovered your delightful blog while searching for "direct selling" information. I, too, love direct sales and am also of the Catholic faith and raising my children in the church. I have often had similar thoughts comparing the two, at least in how I see them. Some other similarities, both religion and direct sales:

* allow for and support personal growth
* encourage living your life service-minded
* point your heart and mind toward loftier goals
* allow you to have individual convictions while participating in a larger world wide community of like-minded people
* help you get to know your true self and your purpose in life

I am sure there are more and I do also believe that God has put my direct sales business along my path in life for me to discover these things and more. Best of luck in all you do.

JimmyV said...


Many thanks for making me feel less alone. I've always been hesitant about direct selling so I appreciate affirmation from like-minded people, especially devoted Catholics. I still have a residual fear that direct selling is a corruptive force and it will damage my relationships with those I love. And nothing, even enduring the life-sapping of a corporate job, is worth that damage (Well, excepting the Lord's work).

Seems like an interesting product you have. I'll keep it in mind for my girls, since homeschooling is on the horizon.