Friday, April 25, 2008

Fruitless News

The on-line news world is great. Like this article which roughly encapsulates the general mindset among Catholics who think the Church should be made into their image. The comments are also fun, mostly from bitter, gun-toting, religious anti-immigrant people, no doubt. I will have to comment soon, so scroll down all the way to the bottom and see if I did it yet.

I must say, I particularly love the irony of a woman claiming that the Church isn't "with it" or current, and then only citing data from 40 years ago.

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JimmyV said...

The evil registration requirement will prevent me from commenting. However, I am glad that so many of the comments are supportive of NFP and written kindly. I even appreciate the debate between two faithful teachers over the validity of NFP. I just wish the debate weren't in the comments of the NYT. I hope they continue it elsewhere.