Monday, February 4, 2008

Attacking Manhood Like a Gazelle

I am embarking on another two journeys to figure out what manhood is. The first is financial. After reading Rich Dad's Prophecy, I had the fire again to improve my financial situation. Our situation is not dire by any means. It is fabulous. This is probably the exact life I have dreamed of since I proposed to my lovely bride. Now I'm feeling the passion to improve. The Lord has blessed me with so much. I want to be an excellent steward of these gifts so that they may provide more for the Kingdom and for my family.
Stewardship seems like a key ingredient in my manhood recipe. Biblically, stewards and shepherds were always men and I resonate with the idea of watching over valuable property and protecting it. Both jobs seem to require intense focus. How else do you notice one sheep missing out of one hundred? How else do you invest money well to return a good profit for the Master? It seems that a few other dear friends have the same passion for stewardship so I have trustworthy people with whom to discuss these ideas. I've also finally found a financial advice "guru" (though I loathe that word) who is a Christian, who is not divorced, who has children, who knows real estate, and who went broke and came back. He is Dave Ramsey and I just read his book More Than Enough. If only he were Catholic, I would be at peace but 4.5 out of 5 isn't bad.
I pray that he can help me discern how to be a better steward.

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