Tuesday, February 13, 2007

And so it goes

As I type this, I am watching Prime Time on TV. They are busy about the business of normalizing polygamy. They have already compared "bad" polygamists who have forced marriages and under-age "wives" to "good" polygamists who have willing, legal-age "wives" and volunteer community groups. They moved on to barely concealed disbelief that the teenagers in town have never had sexual relations. They also threw in a bit of disbelief that any woman could be satisfied to stay home with the kids. Of course, chastity and motherhood prove that they are outsiders.

The polygamists are all given a chance to speak their views with the narrator as the representative of normalcy. It would be nice if normal people could host prime time news programs on national television.


SMS said...

yeah, we flipped to that during a few Law and Order commercials. You should have opted from L&O instead. ;-)

JG said...

Long time lurker, first time poster ... Not only is TV disturbing - it is downright dangerous. There must be a connection between the fact that Jerry Springer is the #1 watched American program in the Islamic world and why Americans are so disliked.

JimmyV said...

I can't comment from work. How uncool!

I want to correct my reporting of the incident. The polygamists weren't allowed to explain their beliefs, so much as give sound bites. "Our God commands it." I would have actually preferred a long theological / anthropological debate to the short question, shorter answer format. Especially since the host asked the same question 17 ways, "Aren't you jealous?"