Friday, January 26, 2007

She still has time

My wife is brave enough to subscribe to a variety of parenting magazines and even read some of the articles. I personally can not handle most of them as they are so worldly. I don't need another article telling me that one child is enough. For example, the current issue of Parents has the story of a woman trying to conceive:

"She was 36 - still reasonably young in reproductive terms..."

Now, she did have a teenager so at least she had given birth once before, but this kind of thing propagates the notion that women can have children whenever they wish. She's in for a rude shock at the OB when she is classified as a high-risk pregnancy due to age (over 35).


Genny said...

I'm sure she's already subscribed to this magazine, but Family Fun and Wonder Time are VERY good! I don't even have kids, but they're so fun and full of neat ideas. Jen should check them out!

On a separate note, I know what you mean about the age of parenting. There's a show on MTV now called "Engaged and Underage," where they focus on couples ages 18-22 who choose to get married (and how scandalous it is since they're so "underage"-- 22 years old??).

So, if the proper age to get married is 27 (the USA average), and we take into account that a couple should wait a few years to get used to living with each other first, that means that couples "should" be having their first children at age 30 and up, which means they'll be able to have (safely)... two kids at most. How annoying. Reasons why I avoid MTV.

JimmyV said...

We had heard of Family Fun but Wonder Time is new to us.

Thanks for the tip about MTV. I feel even better that we have eliminated cable in favor of Netflix.