Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Free Market and NFP

I received this article from the Yahoo CCL Community and the closing paragraph allows me to comment on a current interest while still staying on the topic of NFP. The closing paragraph points out that doctors should be knowledgeable about all family planning options to better help their patients and their business. Although, I pray for the day when all OB/GYNs only teach NFP, the incremental approach is a good start. At least we could get respect in a doctor's office instead of more condescension. We could even refer our students to doctors who wouldn't deride their beliefs. In a free market, all of these benefits would allow a doctor to draw more patients and charge more for his visits. Maybe one day, people will really get to choose their doctor, instead of insurance companies.

I also find it interesting that this is a military doctor. We have a local doctor who took advantage of his military service and re-evangelization to learn all about vasectomy reversals. He is so moved by this ministry that he doesn't charge for his time when performing reversals which is very helpful since they are not usually covered by insurance.

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