Tuesday, July 26, 2011

College Scam

I knew there was a reason that I love John Stossel. He has a great article on Fox News contemplating the value of a college education. It seems totally unnatural to me, now, to have a society where the best years of a person's life are spent mostly on vacation with some time spent sitting in classrooms to take exams.


BamaHippie said...

I agree that there is a problem with our system - that colleges are too expensive, not selective enough, and that many professors go for the wrong incentives. But this guy makes it sound like college all around is bad - or more strongly, that higher learning is bad. I think that's a huge mistake that both exhibits and leads to narrow thinking. Students who are truly motivated to learn at a level beyond general studies (high school) and who work hard at that learning in college (preferably without incurring massive debt) can greatly enrich their knowledge and move on to enrich the world through what they do with their learning.

JimmyV said...

I think the article is focused pretty tightly on college, not higher learning in general. He is pointing out that there are other ways to learn. And the organization he cites only says that kids have to stay out of college for 2 years to get the grant. In my experience, most kids in college were forced their by their parents or never really presented with another choice.

As a side note, if colleges taught the classic liberal arts education the world would be greatly enriched. A dear friend told me in my senior year of college that I had read more literature than anyone she knew in her English major and I was an Engineer. To paraphrase "Good Will Hunting", a higher education can be had for $2.54 in late fines from the library.

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