Monday, June 8, 2009

Tried a Response

Well, I finally tried to formulate a concise response as to why "same-sex marriage" should not be legal. I posted it in response to the Facebook poll which has been floating around for a few days. Here's hoping that the Tolerance Gestapo don't hunt me down and silence me for further defining a natural family life.

"Marriage is for children. Children have the right to be raised with a mother and a father who spend their whole life together raising their children in a loving environment. Biology clearly indicates that only a man and woman can create new life and that children are not fully, mentally developed until well into their 20s. Society provides benefits to marriage so that there is incentive to sacrifice for the next generation who need much guidance to reach maturity. Hopefully, they will have a chance to make it there."

Facebook failed to post it the first time I clicked. Interesting.

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Harvey said...

Yeah, i think you should have to prove that you are capable of bearing children before you can be issued a marriage license. We can't have people getting marriage benefits if they're just going to be fornicating or looking for platonic companionship. We need more babies asap before the immigrants out-baby us! So what if Britney Spears treats marriage like a joke, at least she's adding more arrows to god's quiver. And thankfully Governor Sanford knocked out his quota before the scourge of gay marriage caused his REAL marriage to fall apart. Yeah, Guv!