Monday, November 24, 2008

What a Play for the Knights, and what a Night for a Play.

I have just recently received my Third Degree as a Knight of Columbus and I am doing what every good Knight does. No, I am not hosting a pancake breakfast, not running a Bingo Night, not organizing a fifty-fifty, but advertising for the theatrical efforts of Todd Cardin, a fellow Knight and playwright.

MDP will be hosting a Christmas Play written exclusively for MDP on December 12, 13, and 14. This will be your only chance to see this play as executed by the uniquely talented thespians of MDP along with special performances by local actors. The Athletic Association and the MDP Knights are hosting the event so ticket competition should be fierce, get yours today!

See how the buzz is already spreading:

"Is the show heartwarming or quirky? Is it sentimental or goofy? I was going to wait for the reviews to find out...Please put two tickets on the side for me." - Brother Knight via e-mail

"Good prevails, evil is vanquished." - A recently minted Third Degree Knight, rumored to have a significant inside track

See you at the show!

If you don't get the title, see here.

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