Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm an Editorial

I find it highly ironic that I am thrilled to be listed as an editorial review of Passport. I usually detest editors as highly biased and overly educated but here I am, unpaid, among their ranks. As to bias, I swear to serve the Truth which is a bias in only the most reductionist sense of the word. I freely admit to the over-education which modern society has deemed necessary to get a J.O.B. At least I hope to break that shackle soon with my entrepreneurial ventures into actually learning how the world really is. Until that glorious day, I shall revel in small accomplishments.


BamaHippie said...

As an editor, I resent that.

JimmyV said...

I said "usually" not always, but my experience backs me up. Whether it is editors of the NYT telling McCain to re-write his editorial

or editors of Scientific American who call President Bush biased and unfair, while refusing to report on government funded climatologists who disagree on anthropogenic theories of global warming.

Just some of my experiences as to editors who control public opinion by not publishing certain information.