Monday, March 3, 2008

Loving my Neighbor through Business

As I launch my entrepreneurial ventures, again, I bring an awareness of morality to the research I am doing into finance, business, and investing. That sense of morality, as well as that research, was completely lacking the first time I tried to start a business. I have already experienced great rewards from the research I am doing.

The first observation that has been important to me is that people get rich by providing a service to others. I know that some services would obviously be immoral, such as pornography, but for the first time, I think that maybe some rich people are really good at serving people. After all, McDonald's serves millions daily. Most of the books that I read indicate a social awareness and a desire to meet the needs of people which plays a big part in being a successful businessman.

A major prejudice dropped when I realized how much I had assumed that businessmen were successful only through deceit, maybe some of the rich actually helped millions of people. I hope to help people through Reliv as well as providing for my family.

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