Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lessons in Humility

I promise to have a post soon about what I learned on my summer vacation. But until then I have to share this story with you, dear reader.

Due to the approaching end of summer, I found our house much cooler in the morning than has recently been the case. On this morning, my eldest daughter joined me for breakfast as she often does. After breakfast, I decided I should get her dressed before I left for work. I thought Maria would get cold playing in the guest room with all her toys so I picked out an outfit and dressed her. Later in the day, after using the potty, Maria went to get her pants. Instead of picking up the pants I had chosen that morning, Maria opened her drawer in the dresser and pulled out the pants that belonged with the shirt she was already wearing.

That is to say, in all humility, my daughter is better at dressing herself than I am.

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