Sunday, April 22, 2007

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

I received this book from my daughters for Christmas. I chose not to take that as commentary on my parental skills up to that point and read the book.

Dr. Meeker writes from a unique perspective. She seems to have a thorough grasp of the inherent differences between men and women and she is not ashamed to say it. In an era when men and women are repeatedly told to conform to some androgynous mold, she is encouraging men to be real men. She does not tell men to be weak-kneed, henpecked ninnies or beer-filled, testosterone junkies but attentive guardians to the treasure of their daughter's lives. She relates some of the astounding stories which girls have told her over the years (after changing appropriate details) and provides valuable insight into how young women's lives are forever affected by their fathers' behavior. Dr. Meeker does not hesitate to let men know the stakes involved in being a good father. Although she makes many salient points, her tone is the most important part of the book. She wants men to know that fathers can't be too strong as they protect, and love, their daughters.

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